I love college. However, I constantly have to struggle to find balance between school, sleep, a social life, clubs and extracurriculars, and time to myself.  In high school, I had admittedly not much of a balance, putting most of my energy into school and extracurriculars.  I wanted to make a conscious effort in college, however, to make the most out of my experience and have balance.

The illustration above is a minimalist depiction of the balancing act college students must do.  This image doesn’t include work, school clubs, church, eating time, gym time, etc.  Although I haven’t found it too difficult to fit in time for everything, I know it will my schedule will fill up more as the year goes on.

Case in point: This past week I had my first Chemistry test. I put the pressure on myself to do well because it was my first ever exam in college and I especially  need to do well in this class because it is a science.  I basically threw myself into studying for Chem and I have to admit, I didn’t balance everything as well as I could have.  I procrastinated. I didn’t go to the gym. I missed my small group.  I didn’t get enough sleep. All I could think was I have to get an A.

The time of the test came and as I went through it I was surprised.  I put so many hours into studying and this test is still challenging. Was the study time even worth it? I questioned myself.

Looking back, I have to answer, yes and no.  Of course I should have studied as much as I did, because school is a priority. Nevertheless, could I have spent an hour going to the gym. If I prepared earlier, I could have went to my small group.  And I definitely needed to go to bed earlier.

I definitely don’t regret anything, but now I understand that no amount of reasonable studying will ever make me 100% for a test.  It’s important to make time for other equally important aspects of my life.  Moving forward, I will now try to be more intentional when it comes to how I spend my time, and not get caught up in the grade.

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2 thoughts on “Balance

  1. One of your classmates commented on his blog that after 3-4 hours of aimless studying, he went to the gym and afterward had a very productive 1 hour study session. So it is not just balancing time between sleep, exercise, and studying, it is about effective and efficient studying–which can be enhanced by what you do when you are not studying. Sleep is key–performance goes way down if you don’t get enough.
    So, did you study too much for your Chem exam? Could you have done just as well with less time but more efficient studying?

    • I definitely didn’t need to study as much as I did for the grade I received. I think my problem was that I crammed too much information in without properly reviewing, which would have helped me retain what I already learned. If I had reviewed it would have been more efficient.

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