Borders and Horizon Lines

I enjoyed the guest presenter  Dr. Orou Gaoue from Botany on Thursday.  Even though I’m not particularly interested in plants or math, I found it fascinating how he integrated the two very different areas into his job.  I also found it amazing that he was so well-traveled and spoke so many languages.

Professor Jolly brought up the fact that what Dr. Gaoue does is interdisciplinary work.  This got me thinking about what I want my profession to be.  Although I want to become a doctor, I also want to write a book.  On Tuesday I found out that I can major in English and Biology.  Hopefully, if I end up earning these two degrees I can incorporate both vastly different fields into my job down the line.

I realize that many people do interdisciplinary work which I think not only makes a job more interesting but is extremely helpful.  If one is knowledgeable in different fields, one can use the knowledge in one field and apply it to another.  This is what I hope to do, whether it be using my writing skills typing up research reports or using my (future) knowledge of medicine when writing a book.

I also noticed in the article mentioned on the class blog that employees want people who can effectively communicate, whether in reading or orally.  I think these skills are so important and although in the article there was conflicting reports on the importance of college, I believe that anyone can develop these skills, in college or not, as long as they are intentional about it.  Some people say that our college system needs to change, and while that may be true, I think the system America has right now isn’t necessarily bad or ineffective.   In the month of college I learned so many new things, not only in academics but about me and the world I live in.


One thought on “Borders and Horizon Lines

  1. Glad you enjoyed the session. I think you will find almost all of our guests are interdisciplinary. They tend to have deep knowledge in more than one subject as well as breadth. I think it would be great if you double majored in Biology and English.

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