Interview with Professor Middleton

On Monday, September 23, 2013, I interviewed Professor Linda Middleton from the English department.  Originally I was supposed to meet with her the previous Friday, but she unfortunately got sinusitis and was sick.  Admittedly I was nervous for this interview because I am normally shy around people I don’t know well and although I do like to meet new people, interviewing a supersmart professor was intimidating for me.  However, Professor Middleton was extremely nice and talkative and put me at ease.  The conversation flowed smoothly, and although the majority of the conversation digressed from my original research oriented questions, I learned a lot about Professor Middleton and her life as a professor, along with interesting aspects of her research topics, including women’s anxiety towards authorship.  I am grateful I had this assignment to push me to meet with Professor Middleton because we are similar in a lot of ways. She double majored in psychology and English and I want to double major in Biology and English.  Also, she was originally doing pre-med and I am on the pre-med track right now.

Professor Middleton introduced me to new concepts and ideas about feminism and women in general which I found fascinating.  Although I was nervous at first, I now realize that I gained a lot of information and perspective through this interview that I otherwise wouldn’t have had the opportunity to have.


One thought on “Interview with Professor Middleton

  1. Sounds like a great conversation. I sense a thread here you could use in your page/paper: anxiety that women feel in writing and interviewing, ways that she put you at ease, and how her research helps explain those feelings as well as ways to resolve them.
    What is it that put you at ease? That you found common ground, had shared experiences?

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