Revised Research Question

After the great feedback I received on my research question, I did more investigating and saw that women are more likely to be diagnosed than men partly because they are more likely to seek medical attention.  I wanted to go back to the source of the depression and find out if women are more likely to develop depression based on the similar risk factors.  Therefore:

What are the similar depression risk factors for men and women and what (if any) makes women more likely develop these risk factors?

I pretty much changed the focus of my question but the two are related. I’m not sure if this question is any better than the last but I felt like it was more focused and had more clarity and research behind it, if that makes any sense.


One thought on “Revised Research Question

  1. Yes, I think this is clearer and more focused. You might need to refine it further if you discover that someone has produced a list of documented risk factors and see what questions remain about them. Perhaps one is under-explored or poorly understood or there are competing explanations. Look for a problem to investigate, or a new research tool or method to be applied to an existing one,.

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