Interview Rough Draft Part 2

**Note: This is a better version of my interview rough draft . I still have to add more details that Professor Middleton mentioned about her research, most of this is what I remembered with without notes.

When people think of research, usually topics in the field of natural sciences come up.  However, research occurs in multiple fields, albeit using different methods that best suit each topic.  When interviewing Professor Linda Middleton, I not only learned about her personal academic journey, but also about the research topics and process she took when producing her research.

The interview began with Professor Middleton telling me how she got into her field of research, which is English.  She said that in the beginning of college, she started out as pre-med.  After realizing that the courses she took wasn’t for her, she switched to a different field and ended up double-majoring in Psychology and English.  She eventually became a professor, and received her Master’s from University of California Berkeley, and her PhD. from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.  She was actually in the first class of the English doctorate program here at Manoa.

When asked how she became interested in the topic of feminism, Professor Middleton replied that she grew up in the second-wave feminist era, and that as a young adult, it was something that she found her identity with.  She also stated that growing up with her sister, her father was very encouraging, so she had no concept of not being able to do something, simply because she was a woman.  This mentality lead Professor Middleton into the topic of feminism and women authors in literature, which are significant themes in research.  Some examples of research Professor Middleton did include papers on Jane Austen and Emily Dickinson.

I specifically asked Professor Middleton about one of her specific papers that was about women’s anxiety of authorship.  She said that her inspiration for the paper came from a book called The Madwoman in the Attic by Sandra Gilbert and Susan Gubar.  Research in the English field tends to come from reading works and then researching topics or themes related to the specific research topic.  This includes reading literary criticisms like The Madwoman in the Attic.  Rather than perform actual experiments, research in the English field tends to involve more literary means of gaining knowledge about a subject.

My interview with Professor Middleton gave me insight on another aspect of using an English degree as a career.  I now know that English is more than reading and writing; it involves taking various literature, criticisms, and articles and piecing them together in order to make a accurate and sound thesis.


3 thoughts on “Interview Rough Draft Part 2

  1. Good thesis here on how research is not just natural sciences but includes research methods in fields like literature. Your intro and conclusion highlight both pretty well. The paragraphs in between need to lead with some aspects of that argument, rather than just describing what she said. For example, what are the research methods she uses?
    Also, you need to specify her field of research in the first paragraph rather than the second, in order to make your point about a different research methodology from natural sciences.
    Other than that, it just needs some cleaning up to be clearer.

  2. It was a very interesting interview. Sounded fun. I reallyenjoyed the information that you got from it. Your writing was superb and amazingly accurate towards Turabian’s suggestion in writing a formal paper like essay. Thank you for allowing me to read such a critically intelligent paper. Cheers, Tyler

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