Refined Research Question and Search Topics

I researched more into women and depression and found that there were lists of factors of depression in women.  One significant factor was pregnancy.  Mothers often experience pos-partum depression.  I wanted to narrow down my research question because there was an overwhelming amount of information available that I wouldn’t be able to properly go through. Therefore my refined research is:

What are the effects (if any) of postpartum depression in the mother’s child and how long do these effects last into the child’s life?

Some search topics I used are:

  • depression in women
  • pregnancy depression
  • postpartum depression effects on children
  • mother’s depression effects on children
  • postpartum depression
  • pregnancy hormones depression
  • pregnant women
  • depression treatment women

2 thoughts on “Refined Research Question and Search Topics

  1. Good narrowing of the question. An article just appeared in the paper today about a British study showing that children of mothers who suffer post-partum depression have a higher risk of depression, but based on income: lower income mothers’ children were at greater risk.,0,6020021.story
    So how would your project follow through into new territory? What needs further study?
    BTW: often may be misleading to describe mothers suffering post-partum depression. You will need to distinguish between clinical depression requiring treatment (rarer) and mood depression from hormonal changes that some may experience temporarily.
    Probably the search term post-partum depression will get you to most of what you need, since that is the clinical term used in the medical and psychological literature.

    • Thank you for the article! I will also look into the technicality of what is considered post-partum depression vs the typical hormonal mood swings.

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