Studying Pt 2

Last week I took another Chemistry test.  Unlike the previous test, I didn’t study hours upon hours because I had another test a few days earlier I needed to study for.  I really only studied the night before and the morning of the test, although I reviewed a little material a week before.  The amazing thing was I got the same grade that I received on the previous test.

Now I realize studying isn’t about quantity, but quality.  If I study more efficiently and not try to study for the sake of putting hours into a subject, I retain more information and am a more balanced person overall.

I recently stumbled across Cal Newman’s blog called Study Hacks.  Cal Newman is a professor who has a strong interest in what makes people successful, and has written several books on making students successful.  He has so many tips on his blog but a few of my favorites are The Zen Valedictorian and Of Pre-Med Schedules and the Possibility of Finishing Your Work Before Dinner.  These articles both suggest that with proper time management, good grades can be done without excess times and stress.


One thought on “Studying Pt 2

  1. Great lesson you learned about quality over quantity. The two links to Study Hacks are wonderful. I think we should post them to the entire class (I may pass them on to my other freshman class as well).

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