Some Thoughts

As I am studying for finals and reflecting on my grades this semester, I wonder how important it is to naturally be good at what your career is.  I know I do not naturally succeed at science or math.  I need to work a lot harder than my peers to get grades that still may be lower than them.  Lately I’ve been reflecting on how my life would be easier if I was studying something I was naturally good at.

I know I am better at English and social studies, which is unfortunate because there are few classes I will be taking for my major/pre-med requirements that deal with these areas.  This afternoon I researched “Pre-Law” because I know law has more to do with reading, writing, and communication then science does.  Looking over the classes, I was not interested in many although I felt they would be easier for me than Biology and Chemistry (examples: Argumentative Writing and Contemporary Global Issues).  That makes me wonder if I do something that I am good at, will I eventually learn to love it?

All I do know is that I am extremely interested in becoming a doctor and I can’t see myself in any other career.  Right now, I will stick with the pre-med track but more and more I realize I shouldn’t be closed minded towards other careers and that I need to take into account different factors besides what I am passionate about.

Here’s a link to the Pre-Law courses:


One thought on “Some Thoughts

  1. The advice to follow something you are both good at and love is fine, but think in long term, not short term (a particular class, for example). So you may be great at being a doctor and love it, but still struggle with some of the prereq classes.
    Nonetheless, you might want to explore the social science and humanities interests for their own sake and see where it leads you. There may be other ways to be in the field of medicine outside of the traditional medical school route of becoming a doctor.

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